UI/UX and Graphics

Loqul Site Redesign

As UI/UX Intern at Loqul, I redesigned their website. They didn’t want too many changes made, but requested new fonts, colors, and an overall cleaner look. I created prototypes for mobile, tablet, and web in Figma, and passed off a style guide to the lead developer.

Helpful Engineering Visual Language

As UI Designer, I’ve built a visual language to represent different elements of the project. The icons were created in Adobe Illustrator and then experimented with in Miro by the lead developers to build effective diagrams. This is an ongoing project.

Car App Prototype

While interning at the startup ‘Loqul’, the team began pitching alternate ideas to investors. One idea was a car related NFT app that I was tasked with designing. This simple prototype was built using Figma.

'Looking Out For You'

I sourced archival footage from YouTube for this video and added text in Adobe After Effects. This was my final project for the course Motion Graphics and Animation. Click here to view on YouTube, and click here to view the original footage.

'Living in Uncertain Times' zine

I created this productivity zine for those with ADHD while deep in the pandemic to share my experience and provide tips. The zine was created using Procreate for iPad and distributed on paper.