Stick to it! App Prototype


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD.


Prototype for original habit tracking app that rewards users with virtual and tangible stickers.


The subject of habit tracking apps came up with my friends and it seemed that most of us hadn’t found an app we loved. I’ve easily become bored or tired with habit tracking apps I’ve downloaded. Nothing was pulling me back into these apps: it was too easy to forget about them. I decided to build a truly fun and motivating habit tracking app, and came up with the idea for Stick to it! The user is able to enter which habits they want to keep up with and the app then pulls data from their phone to accurately track their progress. The app can pull from features like daily step count, screen time, and progress on language learning apps. Once a habit goal is completed for the day, the user is rewarded with a virtual sticker- which resembles the star chart from our childhoods. Once the user successfully completes their monthly goals, they receive a limited edition pack of tangible stickers in the mail! I aimed to build a trendy, nostalgic, aesthetically pleasing interface to appeal to younger generations.


After deciding I wanted to create a habit tracking app, I began researching existing habit tracking apps and their success. It turns out that many habit tracking apps have a high abandonment rate. This compelled me to make something unique, visually appealing, and enticing to the user. I also wanted a new approach to the habit tracking app as most don’t really have a reward built in. Stickers are a classic reward on physical habit/chore charts, so using them in my interface could evoke nostalgia as well as motivate the user to keep up with their good behaviors. I also created a persona during this stage of someone who might potentially use my app.

User persona


First, I sketched on paper what I wanted the app to look like. After some trial-and-error and tests with usability, the paper prototypes were ready to be recreated in Procreate on iPad.


I wanted the app to be minimalistic and clean to keep the focus on the user’s habits. A cluttered aesthetic could lead to overload and a loss of interest or abandonment by the user. I chose to use a trendy, visually pleasing color palette, and modern fonts. I sourced stickers from scanned sticker libraries I found online and made a file with over 100 to potentially use in the future. I created the logo and page headings in Photoshop with some text effects, and then built the prototype in Adobe XD.

Final product:
Below is the final prototype of Stick to it! I am eager to develop this concept more and potentially produce a functioning mobile application of it one day. Reach out to me if you have any ideas for it!